Health ranks first among the reasons why people quit smoking. Smoking causes lung cancer, as well as mouth, larynx, kidney, pancreas and Uterine Cancer. Smokers have twice the risk of developing a heart attack. Smoking habit is also one of the main causes of vascular stiffness. It also causes chronic bronchitis and many respiratory diseases. Other risks for the ladies are the topic of desolation. Women who are over 35 years old and who use contraceptive pills have a very high risk of heart attack. There is also a high risk of miscarriage and birth of a baby that is smaller than normal. In addition, smokers risk not only their own health, but also the health of the people around them.

Benefits to be obtained by quitting smoking are:

Those who quit smoking live longer than those who continue to smoke. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of developing lung cancer, heart attack, chronic lung diseases and respiratory diseases. Health complaints of those who quit smoking are reduced. They start to taste and smell food much better. They feel much better, if they manage to transform this energy into regular walks or otherwise, they can get other benefits of regular sports. This will also bring about solutions to weight-related problems that can be gained by quitting smoking. Also, smoking is a costly task. When you quit smoking, this expense will be over.

How to Leave?

To quit smoking, it is necessary to pass three steps: 1) Deciding, 2) Preparing and 3) Continuing.

1. Decision Making;

Think about why you want to quit. Everyone has his own reasons. Remember that you really need to ask to be able to quit. If you have tried to quit a few times before, you know that a person makes many plausible excuses to begin again and starts again. To prevent this, your motivation must be very good. Put your reasons for quitting on paper with your own words to prevent yourself from such a failure.

Convince yourself that when you think you can not stand and start again, you will read them first. If you have tried to quit before, you can also write why you started again. It is a humanoid that does not regret that it started again. But it is also worth keeping in mind: After the first two weeks, it becomes much easier to stand and the chances of starting again are greatly reduced.

2. Preparation;

For this, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

. How long have you been smoking?

. How many do you drink per day?

. What are the reasons that push you to smoke?

. Are you drinking according to a regular plan or are they variable?

. Do you feel very heavy smoking in the morning?

. Have you tried to quit before?

. Why did you have problems when quitting?

Why is it difficult to quit smoking?

Maybe you tried to quit too many times. Let's see why you're having such a hard time. Smoking is two types of addiction. 1-Physical addiction, 2-Psychological addiction. The cause of physical addiction is nicotine. Almost all smokers tend to increase the amount they drink more and more since the cigarette gives happiness after smoking. As the nervous system adapts to nicotine, the amount of drink increases, so the amount of nicotine in the blood also increases. Later, when it reaches a certain level, the smoker continues to smoke to provide the amount of nicotine at this level. When you try to quit smoking, your body physically reacts to the deficiency of nicotine, and on the other hand, you are faced with the difficulty of getting rid of a habit. It is quite a difficult task to handle both of them.

The following symptoms may occur due to nicotine deficiency:

Depression, nervous breakdown, anger, tenderness, difficulty sleeping, concentration disorder, headache, fatigue, increased appetite. These symptoms make the person start smoking again, because the symptoms disappear when the nicotine level gets old. Symptoms from 48 to 48 hours after your last cigarette.

It will peak in 72 hours. It may then decrease and take several days to several weeks.

Despite all the troubles, there are many reasons to bear these difficulties, and you will never regret having to quit smoking.

On the other hand, overcoming psychological addiction is perhaps the more difficult part of the job.

It is not easy to eliminate the acquired habits. After eating, when you are very tired, you are stressed, you are pleasant, you can get a car, wake up in the morning, etc. You have made connections in your mind about all these situations. You now have a habit of automatically burning cigarettes in such cases. You will need to break these links while leaving. The best method for this is to try to change old habits for a while.

What will change in your body after you quit?

. If you are doing regime; you will never have difficulty. If you can keep yourself, you will not gain weight. Those who do regime are experienced and advantageous in this regard. You will feel much more energetic when you stop smoking.

. Don't worry, start sports. The easiest is to walk. If there is someone who supports you to quit smoking, you can ask them to accompany you.

. If you do not (or cannot) regime; Maybe you think you cannot judge your will. A person who quits smoking can also control himself while eating. You will accomplish a much more difficult job. If you say I can't do both at once; Do not worry that I will gain a weight or two. You'll lose those pounds later. So you will prove that you can master yourself, and you will see how important it is to be truly determined and determined.

What changes occur in the body when you stop smoking?

. After 20 minutes: The level of Carbon Dioxide in the blood returns to normal.

. After 8 hours: The level of carbon dioxide in the blood returns to normal. After 24 hours: The risk of a heart attack begins to decrease. After 2 weeks - 1 Month: Circulation begins to improve. Capacity of the lungs Increases by 30%.

. After 1 to 9 months: Coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath are reduced. The lungs become able to perform their normal functions. Wipes clean the lungs and reduce the risk of infection.

. After 1 year: The risk of coronary heart disease is half the smokers.

. After 5 years: The risk of heart attack decreases to the same level as non-smokers.

. Social benefits of quitting smoking: You feel that you are in control and how strong your will is.

Your confidence increases. You look healthier. Your family will be healthier. You will be more sporty because you do not have difficulty while exercising, this changes your vision.

At least you can make a start ... At least you will be informed about the status of your health with smoking check up. We can motivate you to leave some more. You can call us for more detailed information and appointments.