The month of Ramadan has arrived. Some suggestions for protecting your health while fasting,

• It should definitely be made sahur.
• An egg with a full protein source must be present, and light foods such as yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir, which are dairy groups, should be consumed.
• In order to prevent excessive thirst during the day, it should stay away from salty foods. (such as pickles, salted cheese and savory olives)
• Be sure to start with dates / olives and soup at the iftar, wait 10 minutes and switch to the main dish, chew the food slowly and well.
• Pita sized pita is equal to 1 slice of bread.
• Water intake between iftar and sahur should not be neglected. (30ml water per kg)
• Use your dessert preferences for dairy desserts for weight control.
• Do not neglect your fruit consumption, consume 1-2 servings between iftar and sahur.
• You can walk or exercise at home 1-2 hours after iftar.

I wish everyone healthy and good Ramadan.

Dietitian Burcu KIRBAÇ
Medilife Beylikdüzü Hospital