Covid-19, which affects our country and the world, has increased symptoms such as intense anxiety, stress and panic in many people, and anxiety in exam anxiety is observed in students.

Negative thoughts such as “if I fail”, “if I scroll,” or “if there is a sound from outside” cause anxiety in students. Physiological symptoms such as sweating, tremor, palpitations, and not being able to breathe can also be accompanied by intense anxiety experienced by students during the exam. While the examination is a major concern, coronavirus accompanies it, and students have difficulty in dealing with examination anxiety. The reasons such as changes in exam days, schools being closed, online lessons with teachers, decreased social activities of students, disruption of sleep and food order further worry the students who will take the exam. While students take the exam in their own schools, their anxiety decreases, and the fact that they take a mask and disinfectant increases their anxiety. While normal anxiety towards the exam affects the exam process successfully, intense anxiety leads students to failure.

Suggestions to deal with exam anxiety,

• Remember that keeping your anxiety at a normal level will lead you to success.
• Face your anxiety rather than trying to suppress your anxiety.
• Do not compare your success with other people.
• Pay attention to your diet and sleep patterns.
• Try to control your anxiety with breathing exercises.
• If you think your exam anxiety is high, get specialist support as soon as possible.

I wish success to all students who will take the exam.

Clinical Psychologist Cansu ABALI
Medilife Bağcılar - Çapa Hospitals