Parents usually put their baby's cradle in their own room first, because of concerns as if they can hear them if their babies cry. This order is effective in meeting the needs of the baby in the first period.

Instead of saying that the rooms of babies should be reserved at this time, it is more correct to set a lower and upper limit in separating the room.

If only breast milk is fed in the first 6 months and after the 6th month, additional food is taken with breast milk, the room can be reserved from the 12th month. If the baby is not breastfeeding, the baby's room can be separated from 3 months.

The upper limit for separating the rooms of babies should be around 2-3 years old.

Depending on the age of the child, the child should be determined decisively that he has his own room and his own bed. The family can prepare their own rituals about preparing the child for sleep.

The most common problem here is that the child either does not want to go to bed in the beginning or cries and comes to his parents after a while.

When such a situation is experienced, the child should be tried to be understood by resting, assured that the mother and father are at home, they will hear when they need it, they should be taken back to their room and stay with them until they fall asleep if necessary.

Exp. Clinical Psychologist Ezgi ÖZKAN
Medilife Beylikdüzü Hospital