Medilife Health Group Psychology department; Psychologists and psychiatrists serve as a team. All persons who apply to psychological problems are provided with expert assistance in the development of their ability and skills to deal with problems. Individual interviews are held to increase the adaptation of individuals to the social environment, to support their ability to cope with their problems and to reduce their anxiety. While the treatment plan to be applied is explained to the client in detail within the confidentiality and boundary principles, cases can be followed up with the psychiatry department when necessary.

• In the Psychology Department;
• Individual psychotherapy,
• Family therapy,
• Marriage and couple therapy,
• Adolescent and child psychotherapy services are provided.
By Psychologist;

• Anxiety disorders,
• Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD),
Trauma disorders (PTSD),
• Relationship problems,
• Divorce problems, depression after divorce,
• Sexual dysfunctions,
• Depression and loneliness in old age, depression related to mourning process,
• Prenatal and postnatal depression,
• Work life problems and stress,
Personality disorders,
• School problems,
Attention and concentration disorders,
• Career counseling,
• Obesity (weight control and obesity problems are approached by dietitian cooperation),
• Chronic ailments (cancer, heart conditions, sugar, etc.)

Our psychologist experts; In addition to supporting their patients about living and dealing with diseases; It can also provide individual and group therapies to clients and their relatives.

You can apply to our specialists to deal with psychological and vital problems or problems related to your relatives, or to make evaluations by using scientific methods and techniques by using psychological measurement tools. Personality tests, intelligence tests, development tests can also be applied in accordance with the application purpose of the person. Psychology specialist support can also be obtained in neurological problems that apply to the “Forgetfulness and Dementia Polyclinic” affiliated to the neurology unit. By using tests that help diagnosis and treatment by our psychologist experts, the mental performance of the person can also be evaluated.