The word 'Surgery' means 'good for wounds', while neurosurgery means nervous system surgery. It covers surgical procedures on the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. Among these processes, especially the waist and neck hernias;

• Herniated disc (Lumbar disc disease) and other spinal diseases
• Treatment and surgery of neurovascular (vascular) diseases;
• Epilepsy Surgery
• Spinal Surgery (Spine and Spinal Cord Surgery)
• Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Treatment and surgery of Neuro-Spinal Trauma
• Tumors arising from inside the brain or spinal cord tissue or causing problems by pressing on the outside from the outside,
• Aneurysm (ballooning) of the vessels supplying the brain tissue or spinal cord
• Arteriovenous malformations, such as cavernoma
Narrowing of the neck vessels called carotid stenosis
• Disorders that develop during the formation of the nervous system, such as meningomyelocele, accompanying birth
• Increased amount of fluid in the brain cavities called hydrocephalus, and also treatment of congenital deformities in the skull.
Head and spinal cord injuries
• Surgical treatment of all types of compression, trauma and cuts of the arm and leg nerves called peripheral nerve, tumors
• Obstructions of brain vessels
• Brain hemorrhages are found.

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