Sweating is a natural and necessary process for the body. Sweating is the phenomenon that the body expels as much fluid as necessary, along with some substances, through the skin. When sweating is excessive, it can be harmful for the person and the reason must be investigated.

Regional Excessive Sweating

Hands, armpits, feet, forehead and face are sweating beyond normal physiological and emotional needs. This is due to the exaggerated response of normal sweat glands to emotional stimuli. Excessive sweating can also occur with eating bitter and sour foods.

There may be sweating of different intensity during the day. Although emotional stimuli generally increase sweating, sweating can occur without any reason. Overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system causes this.

Does Excessive Sweating Decrease Your Quality of Life?

The high amount of sweating and especially the intensification of this sweating in certain regions reduces the quality of life of the person. In addition to investigating the causes of excessive sweating, the problem of regional excessive sweating in the person may cause difficulties in social life.

Excessive sweating, for example, frequent wetting of the armpits, makes these people, who are often shy, even more tired and shy.

• It affects job relations and career choice.
• The patient changes his or her way of life consciously or unconsciously: it reduces spices, wears cotton clothes, carries spare clothes with it.
• It tries to stay away from social environments.
• Although it differs from person to person, regional sweats may negatively affect daily life as well as cause psychological problems. In this case, they need to be treated.
Regional Sweating Treatment and Flushing Treatment

Some medications, creams, low-dose electric current (iontophoresis) and botox treatments are applied in regional sweats. These treatments have short-term effects and are not successful in every patient.

Definitive and permanent treatment of regional sweating is surgical applications on thoracic sympathetic nerve.

The most popular method today is to block the sympathetic nerve known as ETS with titanium wires called clips. As a physician with more than 1500 surgical experiences, I prefer and recommend the ETS procedure.

In sweating surgery, problems that can be seen in every surgery can be seen. A condition called reflex sweating may occur specific to this surgery. Reflex sweating is an increase in the amount of sweating anywhere on the lower side of the breast area. Usually this is not annoying. Although it is frequently observed, 1-2% of patients complain about this situation.
Surgery for regional sweating is also applied to patients who have problems with facial flushing.


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