Hand Surgery and Microsurgery

Treatment of hand injuries, finger and hand breaks occurring after any accident is carried out by our expert team 24 hours a day. In addition, vascular and nerve injuries are repaired with microsurgical techniques.
Where is microsurgery applied?

• Replanting the limbs which have been partially or partially broken as a result of work accidents, traffic accidents, falls, glass cuts or similar accidents.
• Repair of previously formed vascular, nerve, tendon (beam) injuries.
Elimination of skin, bone and muscle losses in hands, arms, legs or elsewhere in the body using microsurgery technique with tissues taken from another part of the body.
• Hand, wrist, elbow fractures and dislocations.
• Congenital disorders of the finger, hand, forearm, elbow and arm.
• Nerve injuries, nerve compression.
• Functional disorders due to tendon compression.
• Injuries caused by cerebral palsy.
• Paralysis developing in the hands, arms and shoulders.
• Deformities caused by rheumatism in the hand and elbow.
• Tumoral formations developing in the hand.
• Removal of developed adhesions after burns on the hands and fingers.