Medilife Ambulance has started to manage “emergency health services” needs, which is one of the most critical areas of general health services, and to provide services with its experienced staff serving in the health sector.

Emergency medical service; When a call is sent to our Alarm Center, the telephone number 866 80 80 is opened by a medical staff at the first workshop, and after receiving information about the patient's clinical status and address from the person calling the alarm center, he directs the nearest ambulance with the medical team to the patient.
Our emergency ambulances, paramedics, health technicians, and a specially experienced team of 3 people, who are trained in first aid, provide 24/7 service with world-class equipment. Each one has internal equipment and equipment that can provide 9 hours of intensive care conditions.

Although Medilife Ambulance is a new establishment, it will always be with you with its highly experienced staff.