L.P. Ezgi Özkan
He was born in 1982. He graduated from Haliç University - Applied Psychology department in 2006 and completed his PhD at Arel University in Istanbul in 2019.

Educational InstitutionYear
Haliç University - Applied Psychology (Clinical Psychology)2006
Istanbul Arel University- Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology2019
Professional ExperienceYear
Life Hospital2005 - 2006
Kucukçekmece Kizilay Medical Center2005 - 2009
Büyükçekmece 2000 Medical Center2007 - 2009
Medilife Beylikdüzü Medical Center2009 -
Medical Interests
Child and Adolescent Therapy, Family and Couple Therapy, Marriage and Family Counseling, Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, Developmental Tests, Sexual Dysfunctions, Neuropsychological Tests, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Adult Relationship Problems, Lack of Attention, Impulsivity, Behavioral Disorders (Lies, Eating Nails, Wetting ..), Not Studying, Focusing,
Not listening, excessive mobility, exam preparation and exam anxiety, ways to raise children, child development follow-up, childhood fears, traumas, children's tics and obsessions
Vocational Training, Courses and Conferences Attended
Rorschach Education- Professor Dr Tevfika İKİZ-Rorschach and Projective Testing Association
WISC-R Children's Intelligence Test- Yard. Assoc. Dr. Hale Aksuna-Turkish Psychologists Association
Stanfort Binet Intelligence Test- Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hale Aksuna
Denver 2 Developmental Screening Test-Prof. Dr. Moments Baden-Turkey Child Neurology
Sexuality and Sexual Therapies Module 1- CETAD
Child Focused Play Therapy - Spc. Clinic Psk. Birgül EMİROĞLU BAKAY - Association of Play Therapies
Sexuality and Sexual Therapies Module 2
Language Disorders -Prof.Dr.Öget Öktem-Turkish Psychological Association
In difficult cases KDT- Leslie Sokol
Beck Directed Cognitive Therapy Workshops (62 hours) -Dr Emel Stroup ACT, ABPP-CBT Istanbul
Beck Directed Cognitive Therapy Supervision (40 hours) -Dr. Emel Stroup ACT, ABPP- CBT Istanbul
Minnesota Multifaceted Personality Inventory (MMPI) - Turkish Psychological Association
Neuropsychological Tests-Prof. Dr. Öget Öktem Tanör-Turkish Neuropsychology Association
Thematic Perception Test Training- Professor Dr Tevfika İKİZ-Rorschach and Projective Testing Association
Family and Couple Psychotherapy (500 hours) - Dr. Nuşin Sarımurat Baydemir-Relationship Psychotherapies Institute
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-4) - Specialist Psychologist Esmehan Orçin-Turkish Psychological Association
Advanced Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (84 hours) -Prof.Dr. Ebru Şalcıoğlu-DATEM
Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Supervision (84 hours) - Prof.Dr. Ebru Şalcıoğlu-DATEM
Psychoanalytic Therapy Supervision (84 hours) -Yard. Assoc. Dr. Bahar Cömert-İmago Psychotherapy Center
Professional Memberships
Turkish Psychologists Association
Turkish Neuropsychology Association
Couple and Family Therapy Association
Scientific Publications
Özkan, E & Şirvanlı-Özen, D (2006) Evaluation of Peer Bullying in Terms of Attachment Styles Developed Against Parents and Coping Strategies Used. 14th National Psychology Congress